The process is humbling.

I tried so many experiments while making this piece- I don’t think any of those experiments were trial 001…

I went in today to see if I could set these straight, the connection point at the bottom was warping with the heat, the post wasnt as firmly set in place as it needs to be. Luckily the connection between the piece, the wire, and the resin are all strong enough with wind and elements that it didn’t sink far- however the task at hand is now to secure them in their final position with an armature and to seal off the bottom and fill it with resin to firmly set the post in place.

Of course the sculpture is outside so I went to pour resin today and the rain had other ideas….

I actually enjoyed seeing the twin flame all tethered up like this, looks like one of those large monuments. It was *frustrating* that the pieces sunk in the first place, and that the concrete took a long time to set, ultimately I’m glad my theories about the material and it’s abilities are panning out for this project. Time is always the unknown element.

This piece is a culmination of fiberglass from the ‘Tributary’ Sculpture at Sac State, and the form is inspired by an ink drawing I made at Raphael’s studio two years ago, the stem is made from copper piping is found in a Home Depot bucket on Hst a while back…the form and meaning are deeply personal, I look forward to presenting it when it’s final.



E N B U R 








Sacramento, California