Artist’s who work in cross-sector arts program through a Creative Corps initaitve speak on their respective upcoming projects with the City of Sacramento.

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Mar 27, 2024 | Article | 0 comments

“Zines and Climate Change”

For the last few months Ember de Boer has been a creative force on the new Community Engagement Team Vlog, “SacVibes”

In this episode Lynette Hall and Danielle Susa invite Ember de Boer and Taner Pasamehmetoglu to speak on their recent projects with the City of Sacramento. Taner is a painter who specialized in Desing and Marketing for 10 years and now works directly with the City’s Office of Climate Action and Sustainability. Ember de Boer is a Multi-disciplanary artist who makes sculptures and works at a local non-profit “Community Shop Class” while collbaroating with the City’s Community Engagement Team.