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Zine developer Ember de Boer was hired by the Sacramento Office of Arts and Culture to engage the community on what the city is doing.

After studying sculpting and graduating from Sacramento State in 2022 with an art degree, de Boer said she knew she wanted to use her art skills to connect with communities.

De Boer was among five artists hired by the city of Sacramento in November of last year to work with various city departments on creating new artistic ways to engage the community.

What is a Zine?

A Zine can be almost anything: folded, stapled, taped, glued, sewn, stacked, or bound, and usually made with paper. The content of a zine can touch on any topic: from visual art and music to politics and environmentalism, to sexuality, humor, fashion, literary criticism, or personal memoir.

You might find writing, drawings, photos, collages, or any other form of combining words and imagery. There might be a clear narrative, or the content could be completely abstract. A zine’s structure is totally up to the maker.

To be a zine, the maker must identify the published product as a zine. By identifying something as a zine, these booklets can be differentiated from other types of independent publications. While all the characteristics of zines I’ve listed here are generally true, they are also just guidelines. The only rule of zines is that there are no rules.