Solo Exhibition and Installation at the R.W. Witt Gallery

Located at CSU-Sacramento in Kadema Hall

April 12th through April 15th 2022

Reception April 14th



Rift is a continuation of Ember de Boer’s work focused on elevated  empathy for aliveness, in all its forms. This work explores the hyperbole of “rift.” An emotional endeavor into the period of our lives centered around, moving apart.

Rifts in friendships.

Rifts In leaving one’s education.

Rifts in the experience of womanhood and my responsibility to represent or defend my identities. 

I feel a / R I F T / in my being. I am at odds with what the future holds for me.

Just as tectonic plates experience innumerable friction; I have mountains within me that move me to feel, to bleed, and to leave the things that no longer serve me. 


Artwork that mimics the beauty of nature and talks about nature; is inherently about the human condition. Our interpretation cannot be removed from human bias; we perceive and make from the lens of experience. The glass carries energy with it, upcycled from domestic housewares and goodwills; the discarded remnants of daily routines. The  geode surface is a metaphor for the fractal existence of the human  consciousness. Deconstruction followed by accumulation, the material remnants assemble into an abstract portrait of emotions.



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