trace elements.

Elemental Traces focuses on physical connection, and the power we have as individuals to imbue overlooked material with value. These works speak to our environment, and how we internalize our dynamic relationship to it. These sculptures are made from material that would have otherwise been discarded. Over time an artist or a friend held on to these little pieces and saw their aesthetic beauty no matter how small or slight. They cherished these remnants but ultimately went unused leading them to be gifted to me; they come from far and wide, and are transformed into sculptures I call elements. Little traces of sentimental moments that have been reused and turned into something with lasting purpose.


My work is an example of how we can generate an aesthetic that aligns with our moral values. Acts of external creation are inherently acts of self-creation. When I fabricate art that touches on the environment, I am creating in a way that expresses a connection to my deepest desires. It is also an example of how we can incorporate upcycling into our lives. Beyond just physical materials; there is joy in seeing the beauty in something everyone else has overlooked, and highlighting its unique qualities, giving it new life and purpose. I encourage you to imagine the many ways we can use this aesthetic to enrich and expand our idea of what has value, and how we can imbue these things with purpose simply through intention.

Ember de Boer in front of Adrift, and Elemental Traces at her Emerging Artist Showcase.

Arthouse on R Sacramento, CA 2021.

Sculpture by ember de boer




E N B U R 








Sacramento, California