drop by drop

“An installation of over 5,000 ceramic elements, hand thrown, hand painted and marked, each a tiny distinct painting.

Overall size is about 22′ wide x 11′ deep. I also designed the water feature, to fill the space with the sound of water.”

– Stephanie Taylor, Lead Artist

stephanie taylor – drop by drop

“Responding with whatever materials are most suited to interpret the meaning of a place, from paint, steel, and cement to words, I’m driven by a need to understand the impact of location and history: I think of myself as a visual historian. Inspired by large-scale media in Los Angeles, including the famous Coppertone billboard installed on a garage door in Malibu, and master muralist Kent Twitchell’s “Steve McQueen,”  I’ve been creating site-specific murals, installations and paintings for since 1977. My work is in private and corporate collections from coast to coast, and in Kyoto and Paris, including forty or fifty publicly placed mural and sculpture projects in the Sacramento region.

Whatever the project, over my 47-year career (or longer counting art direction in LA) the concept of adaptation has been critical. I’ve had to be quick on my feet, looking five years ahead, and now even shorter. As one of the first artists to adapt to digital reproductions, starting in 1996, I’ve partly caused this acceleration, or I’ve simply outlasted many clients. And frankly, when I started creating murals in 1977, there weren’t many muralists. Now a whole generation plus wants in on the fun, and both interior and exterior murals don’t have the unique quality they had.”

– Stephanie Taylor (Creator and Artist behind “Drop by Drop”)





E Street Gallery 1115 E Street