Bicameral Ether

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Invitations Made for Guests of the Exhibition – Conceptual Play on the Mars Tickets given by NASA in January of 2022.


Sound Art made by Ember de Boer and Mun. This sound emanated from within the sculpture along with mist, fog, and light that was reactive to the relative noises in the room.

The Bicameral Ether is a state of mind; an endeavor in introspection, an assessment of the consciousness. Exploring sculptural self portraiture through abstraction, this installation emphasizes the structures that repeat throughout my studio practice. External structures protect us, and envelope our experiences; yet internal structures create the fiber of our relationship to the outer world. This liminal space represents the ether inside of my head, on the outside of my mind. A defensive structure, and an inner life; processing the primal experience of being alive.

A server, a network containing a consciousness encased in something protective. In essence, this work is a commentary on how I have compartmentalized myself- even to my own decay. The pyramid and the light are playing on light being an inner life, yet the pyramid is a tomb. While I may divide and conquer my inner self to cope with the nature of my experiences, I also create a boundary between myself and the outer world; the expansive ether that lies beyond my internal processes, fears, and defensive nature.

Bicameral Ether is the primal brain. It has chambers, compartmentalizing and processing the steady flow of information. An endeavor in self-portraiture not only in sculpture but also abstraction, through the lens of the human condition. To understand the connection to the concept of the bicameral mind, reading “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” book by Julian Jaynes or watching Westworld season one are accessible ways to further your knowledge.

Flyers for Bicameral Ether the Immersive Installation. January 26th to February 13th.









Sacramento, California