This exhibition explores paths through environmental and social-justice challenges that confront our world. This includes compassion for all living beings; human and more-than-human, individuals, and communities of living organisms of all forms of sentience.

What might an empathetic world look like? How can we inspire recognition and kindness, transcending the fear of “Others,” and assumptions of human exceptionalism? How do we summon compassion in times of great difficulty? How can we resist apathy, and help others to resist? How do we cultivate empathy?

The show is juried by Tanja Geis and features work by Celia Anderson, Christina Bertea, Ember de Boer, Katherine Boland, Lorraine Bonner, Lauren Elder, Marla Faith, Linda Ford, Linda Gass, Katerie Gladdys, Betsy Jaeger, Isabella La Rocca, T.C. Moore, Amuri Morris, Azin Seraj, Leslie Smith, Emily Van Engel, Michelle Waters, and Seongmin Yoo.