“As Bioneers rolls into our 34TH annual gathering, the big wheels of massive change are turning. Climate disruption bears down daily, and there’s a widely felt morning-after awakening that it’s going to crash the economy and bring civilization to its knees. Although the regime shift to renewables is now an accelerating inevitability, it’s going to take relentless political action. To beat the clock, we also need to override the doom loop of delay and propaganda the desperate fossil fuel industry will keep pushing.  

Meanwhile, the unprecedented movements of the past decade for liberation, justice and multicultural democracy are swelling to challenge the right-wing populist and neo-fascist forces underwritten by cynical plutocratic elites. “Make feudalism great again” is proving to be a marketing challenge. Something’s gotta give.

At the core is a crisis of democracy: a radical disconnect between the world people want and the world corporations and their client governments have hijacked. The climate crisis and the inequality crisis are the same crisis. Our separation from nature and our separation from each other are the same dis-integration. The choice is clear: nihilism or regeneration. Shattering or wholeness.

Slouching toward sustainability will not turn the tide. Only immediate, bold and transformative action will enable us to make the leap across the abyss. As Bioneers has long shown, the solutions are largely present, or we know what directions to head in. The solutions residing in nature surpass our conception of what’s even possible. Nature has a profound capacity for healing, and we can act as healers. What we do to each other we do to the Earth, and we’ll have peace only when we practice justice, a process that never ends. We can marry the genius of nature with human creativity to heal the web of life and ourselves.

Bioneers is about a revolution from the heart of nature and the human heart.  “As world leaders take us on a guided tour of Hell, let love reign,” as Robbie Robertson puts it. Since 1990, the Bioneers conference has illuminated the topography of transformative change. This transformation inspires a change of heart, celebrating the unity and intrinsic value of all life.

The rise of regenerative social movements and civil society leadership hold the greatest power and promise for successfully navigating the “Great Unraveling.” For over three decades, the Bioneers Conference has served as a trellis on which this visionary movement of movements has grown and grown together around authentic “solve-the-whole problem” solutions. This historic shift to become an ecologically literate and just civilization heralds a declaration of interdependence.

Never has it been more vital that we come together around the council fire to share what we’ve learned, link arms, fill our hearts and vision, and align ourselves to prevail for the long haul.

Especially in these darkest of times, we come together to regenerate and celebrate. We invite you to join forces with the Bioneers community of leadership in this time when we’re all called upon to be leaders. As David Orr says, “Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up.”


“I am showing up for another year🫶🏻

Very excited and pleased to have personally applied for @bioneers this year and have been accepted!!💞 l

Looking forward to showing alongside @wead.artists and am beyond grateful for the introduction to the world of BIONEERS. See you in Berkeley in April!


(P.s. please enjoy these images of last years exhibition at the @palaceoffinearts with @wead.artists exhibition committee for my first juror experience, what a beautiful setting!)”

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