I have taken a lot of time to process Bioneers

The first time I went, it was groundbreaking for me to find a community I admired and wanted to consider peers. This year I took a big step, being featured on the website, showing my work on Alliston Way in front of the David Brower Center for the 2023 Bioneers Conference.

The amount of connections, ideas, inspiration, and energy I have behind me; is electrifying. To know I get to bring the strategies used by some of the best in these industries, to Community Shop Class in our little strip of Oak Park Sacramento, to benefit my own community is the highlight of this trip. I look forward to combining everything I have accumulated, the statistics, the ideas, and to write and implement them for the benefit of this community I love so much.

I consider myself a research artist- and there are innumerable amounts of research, listening, and curiosity behind every finished piece. I look forward to showing you how what I have learned it and how shows up in my studio practice.

Bioneers empowers me emotionally, with vocabulary, and with strategy, about how we make lasting change around us. I love action-focused dialogue and Bioneers never falls short on solutions and action.

“To show my art, on Allison Way, in a historic location, alongside a phenomenal group of women (WEAD), for a group of passionate and radical professionals who are inspired to make the world MOVE; was simply beyond impactful.

As I reinvest into the mental space and physical resources for my studio practice, I’m creating framework for myself to move forward that is always taking in inspiration, especially the dense morsels of knowledge that come from leaders hard fought battles shared in the BIONEERS conference.

Thank you Bioneers for having me
Thank you Peter Vickland and Julie Crumb for being so supportive
Thank you to my uncle Lauren de Boer for Showing me WEAD Artists
And thank you to WEAD for showing me BIONEERS🌺

It’s taken involvement, intention, passion, good people, and resources to get to be involved in the things that inspire. I can’t wait for more of it all.”



E N B U R 









Sacramento, California