I’M EMBER DE BOER.

          My formative experience began in Kansas City with a residency at the Kansas City Art Institute, and an AA Degree from Johnson County Community College. I have graduated with a BFA in Studio Art Sculpture and a minor In Philosophy. 

          I am a multidisciplinary sculptor, whose studio practice is inspired by an inclination toward geometric form, the deconstruction of materials, and an obsession with texture. Experimentally my practice includes, upcycling, light, symbols, sound, and installation. Beginning my career with over ten years in painting that morphed into a dynamic sculptural practice; my career has been enriched by working in industrial settings, learning craftsmanship through labor and trade.

          Recent accomplishments include being the Co-Founder and current President of IMPACT (Individuals Motivating Progress Across Community Together), an active member on the Exhibition and Finance Committee at WEAD (Women’s Eco Artist Dialogue) based in Oakland. As a fine artist I have recently done an Emerging Artist Showcase at Arthouse on R, been a participating Coordinates Exhibition Installation Artist, and  won first place in the 2021 and 2022 Juried Annual Student Award Show at CSU Sacramento. Through IMPACT I have curated group shows, podcast premier parties, zine creation, and local vendor events. I have worked with Sacramento establishments, artists, and galleries to connect community to audience and audience to art. 

          Recently graduating I am leaving my campus employment as Assistant Studio Technician under Ben Hunt, as well as Gallery Assistant to the University Library Galleries at CSU-Sacramento.  I have been a participant of the Hacker Lab Pathways Program starting from November of 2021. These are all remarkable opportunities and I look forward to following the path they lead.

           So there was a bit about me, my work, and my plans. Feel free to reach out and ask questions, inquire about the work or my inspiration, or connect with me over any opportunities. Thank you so much for reading, looking and sharing my work!

          -Ember de Boer                                                                    


“Your sculpture really makes me feel something—it takes me somewhere.

There is the feel of something very ancient holding the contemporary up for scrutiny.

The Earth from which we’ve been formed cohabitates with that which we form from the Earth.

The maker and the made in dialogue.

Sharp angles of ego metal and broken identity juxtaposed

with the organic shapes of rock and fire and glacier.”

-Lauren de Boer, Poet Writer and Scholar

“My first piece of advice is just fucking live.

Without life, art is boring.

And without art, so is life. 

Go hike. Go explore the weird alleys. Look under the brown dumpster, or maybe behind it. Go get to know the owners of the grittiest hardware store in town. Take pictures of the oddest things to your midwestern sensibilities. And keep a photo journal. Keep an active sketch diary. In a nutshell, let the inspiration come to you. It will. Just don’t force it.”

-Mark Cowardin, Sculptor and Professor at Johnson County Community College

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