I am a sculpture artist based in Northern California. 

Here you will find my projects, my work, and my ideas. 

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Creative Economy: city of trees 2024

Listen to the highlights of the new City of Trees Creative Economy Plan coming to you very soon.

Follow the link to watch Megan Van Hooris speak about the research.


Recently, I have been creating works centered on ethnic and environmental research with a focus on historical representation and identity through abstract forms and experiments with material. I am creating a series of psycho-analytic abstract sculptures and creations that challenge identity through physical and conceptual deconstructionism.

De Boer is Dutch for “of the farm” or “of the land”. A name taken from my Dutch ancestry; I center my body of work on sustainable and ethically-critical environmental artwork. I utilize multi-format technology- including lights, lasers, and audio, for my studio practice and work by assemblage of organic texture. Painting with layers of broken glass by accumulation of touch, to make abstract geometric forms that are deeply emotional.

I am the Board President and Resident Artist at Community Shop Class, a local Neighborhood Learning Center focused on sustainability, training, workforce development, and neurodivergent learning. I have been a member of the exhibition committee for Women’s Eco Artis Dialogue for the last year, immersing my knowledge of environmental and research based art practices.


Community Shop Class is a place to learn, create, teach, and build. Ember de Boer is the current Board President for this  local 501(c)3 in Oak Park Sacramento. This project is designed to expand access to trades work and to celebrate those who learn differently; who create and build things that help our community.

The purpose is to be a good neighbor in every way possible.

Serving as Project Director since Jan 2023.


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Ember de Boer Collaborates with Richard smith for the 2023 Season of Capital Dance Project (CDP).

CDP is an independent collective of professional dancers whose mission is to uplift the spirit of Sacramento through the production of diverse and inclusive performing arts experiences. CDP fulfills its purpose by providing a platform for CDP artists to premiere their original works, collaborate with local artists and musicians, and by providing employment opportunities to dancers who come from all over the world but call Sacramento home.

“She is a maker who has an innate connection to artworks that are imbued with a specific kind of
energy resulting from an accumulation of touch.

This sensitivity to touch informs and combines with mark making, repetition, accumulation and pattern to serve as the cornerstone of her studio practice.”

Robert Ortbal

Sculptor and Professor , CSU- Sacramento

“I enjoy my job because I get to feel like an evil villain,” said De Boer of her latest work, stabbing metal pipe in a suspiciously organ-esque fiberglass form, following her statement with maniacal laughter, “Mwa ha ha!”

The piece she punctures so sacrificially before me is called Twin Flame – a recent addition to De Boer’s body of sculptural work. Through a carnal spiderwebbed veil of fiberglass, and barbed wire, she’s inserting resin into the base of the dual forms via a home-crafted funnel and lead pipe.

There’s a spartan brutality in the way De Boer works. The relationship she builds with these materials as she shapes them into fine figures is fraught with questions, concerns, and even arguments, just as it is filled with laughter, light, and pleasure. It’s a real, living relationship, yielding a truly inspired result. 

[On the Creation of Twin Flame by Ember De Boer]

Peter Vickland

Best-Selling Fiction Novelist

“Your sculpture really makes me feel something—it takes me somewhere.

There is the feel of something very ancient holding the contemporary up for scrutiny.

The Earth from which we’ve been formed cohabitates with that which we form from the Earth.

The maker and the made in dialogue.

Sharp angles of ego metal and broken identity juxtaposed with the organic shapes of rock and fire and glacier.”

Lauren de Boer

Poet, Writer, and Professor

“My first piece of advice is just fucking live.

Without life, art is boring.

And without art, so is life. 

Go hike. Go explore the weird alleys. Look under the brown dumpster, or maybe behind it. Go get to know the owners of the grittiest hardware store in town. Take pictures of the oddest things to your midwestern sensibilities. And keep a photo journal. Keep an active sketch diary. In a nutshell, let the inspiration come to you. It will. Just don’t force it.”

Mark Cowardin

Art Department Chair and Sculptor, Johnson County Community College












Sacramento, California